Jan 23, 2009

Mount USB disk in the redhat linux9 system

1)Before plug USB disk into linux system,we can input #fdisk -l in the terminal.Then system will display all the storage devices which are available.For example,
sda1,sda2,sdb1 and sdb2 mean the different hard disk partitions in sda or sdb.
2)after plug USB disk into linux system,we can run command #fdisk -l again.And we will find a new hard disk partition, that means our USB disk is mounted to this new partition. 
3)Mostly all usb flash devices are "usb-mass-storage" devices and work with the usb-storage driver. The usb-storage driver actually emulates a SCSI devices, so we can do the following:
#mkdir /mnt/usb - (creates a new directory)
#mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb - (mounts the drive in the new directory)
4)Then we can access our USB disk through the category of /mnt/usb directly.
5)If we wanna remove USB disk, we should run command #umount /dev/sda1 -(insures that data will not be lost) 
Note:If we use virtual machine, we should plug USB disk to the linux system when it is the full screen.

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