Jan 9, 2012

Record video in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu, I use XvidCap to record video on the screen. The package link is https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+package/xvidcap.

One of the most useful features of XvidCap is that it allows to select the recording area instead of the whole screen. And it also supports to output the video in MPEG format.

You may need to convert it to other video format, such as WMV, ASF, MOV and some for ipod or iphone. Since I am working on Mac OS, I recommend a free software which is called iSkysoft iMedia Converter. Actually, there is a video teaching you how to crack, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLo-zuMxSNM.

Hopefully, these two softwares are helpful to you.

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  1. Hai,
    I changed all files whatever u specified.
    after that i tried to recompile the ns2. I gave ./configure . but i got following error. can u please help me.

    configure: error: otcl is required but could not be completely found.
    Please correct the problem by telling configure where otcl is
    using the argument --with-otcl=/path/to/package,
    or the package is not required, disable it with --with-otcl=no.