Nov 18, 2011

Interview Test 2011

Here is some of the written exam questions in the interviews I attended. They are just based on my memory, so maybe I forget some parts. And mostly they are about IT, mobile programming, software engineering and networking technology.

# What do you think is the most important ability for a software developer? And why?

# What is TDD? Plz describe it.

# What are the differences between composition and inheritance in OO programming? Which one do you prefer?

# What are the heap and stack? Plz give an example by C or C++ to explain them respectively.

# Now you have a table like this,

Name      Home      Phone      Email

Paul      London      92821921

Amy      NY      92712345

John      HK      54378722

Paul      NY      86433478

Plz use SQL to make it as the name is unique, like "Paul, Amy, John".

# Plz give three database engines.

# What is the difference between auto-generated primary key and item`s primary key? Which one will you use and why?

# Plz give three mobile OS. And What is their processor structure respectively?

# What are the three primary data types in C programming? What are the three non-primary data types?

# What is the exact output of the follow PHP script?

< ?php

$i = 1;

$a = &$i;

$b = $a++;

print $a;

print $b;

print $i;


# Plz illustrate the two way communication process of an instant message software. You just need to write the pseudo codes.

# In object-oriented programming, what are the meanings of a) abstract class, b) object interface?

# In MySQL, what is the difference between left join, right join and inner join?

# What is bad about this line of code and how can you improve it?

$db->query(“SELECT username FROM user WHERE userid=”.$_REQUEST[‘uid’]);

# Please write a function to remove all html tags in a string, using regular expression.

# Please describe how to do character conversion from Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese using PHP.

# Please write a function to calculate the number of days between 2 dates.

# Please describe how you can schedule a daily job to remove log files older than 3 days, under a certain directory in a Redhat/CentOS Linux machine.

# In IE6, how to make a < div > 1px height with CSS?

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